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Sleep is the key to life. The foundation for all health and wellness. Without adequate sleep, it is impossible to live your best life.


The Essential Bed was designed to combine the best in sleep technology and comfort into a group of beds at a cost affordable to as many as possible.


In order to keep the Essential Bed as affordable as possible, our beds are offered through a limited network of providers, including Chiropractors, Health and Fitness Clubs, Referrals, Online and soon through a major hotel chain.

The first ever Healthy Bed Store featuring the Essential Bed is now open at 1419 Cannonball Drive in Yorkville! Until now, Essential Bed was available exclusively through our network of Chiropractors, Health Professionals, Fitness Experts and Health Clubs. In keeping with the Essential Bed philosophy of maximizing value through cost reduction, this new showroom showcase is open by appointment only. 

Schedule your appointment by calling 815-378-5189. The best times for appointments are Monday Mornings, Tuesday Evenings, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday or Sunday evening.


Quality sleep is the very foundation of health and wellness. A critical contributing factor to receiving the highest quality sleep is a mattress that is comfortable, supporting, and free of allergens and other harmful chemicals. The Essential Bed provides you with perfectly balanced chiropractic support on a certified pure and hypo-allergenic mattress, ensuring your mattress will supply you with the very highest performance levels.

There are compelling reasons why consumers are moving          en-masse away from traditional innerspring mattresses to alternative sleep surfaces such as memory foam and gel memory foam. Quality sleep is a crucial fator in preventative health for such things as heart disease, inflammation, obesity, diabetes, mental health, cognitive abilities, depression, mood and relationships, prevention of colds and flu and more. Many people that have back, neck, or joint pain report relief after sleeping on our beds. The Essential Beds and pillows are not miracle workers. They ARE carefully and brilliantly engineered sleep products that can help you get your best sleep, and that can contribute greatly to your mental and physical health to help you live the active, healthy lifestyle that you desire. And Essential Bed is committed to YOUR best rest at prices that are accessible to most. Get your best rest with the Essential Bed.

Essential Bed has many clear cut advantages over traditional innerspring mattresses. Here are some features of the Essential Bed:
  • Essential Bed is the most desired mattress type
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Certified Pure
  • Perfectly balanced chiropractic support
  • Adapts instantly to all body types and sizes
  • Sleeps cool and comfortable
  • Affordable

Here are some of the common drawbacks of traditional innerspring mattresses:

  • Cannot provide the perfectly balanced support of memory foam
  • Create pressure points leading to restricted blood flow, discomfort, tossing and turning
  • Trap dust mites, dirt and allergens
  • Poor overall support
  • Motion transfer from partner interrupts sleep

According to surveys, over 80% of all adults prefer memory foam mattresses.

You can look your best, feel your best, BE your best with the Essential Bed.

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